Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Do You Know About Giraffes?

Tallest mammal on the planet and most people would probably
walk freely right underneath their belly.
They have the longest legs in the animal kingdom therefore
enabling them to walk faster than any other animal.

Whenever there is giraffes in the African savannah there is
bound to be smaller herbivores probably using their towering heads
as lookout for predators.

The anatomy of these animals is probably amongst the most interesting.
If you think about it having a head that is between six to seven feet
above your body would probably need lots of Tylenol just to keep
headaches from low blood pressure in control.
Fortunately, they don't need lots of Tylenol because their hearts have
been modified to perfectly fit their anatomy.

Most giraffes would only take short naps for around five minutes and
they can do that on their feet.
Rare moments you can find this beautiful creature on the ground
sitting because it takes them longer to stand up on their long feet and
very vulnerable to predators especially lions.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


These guys are probably among the most exciting creatures nature ever provided.
They are built to withstand the most challenging environments in the world full
of predators and that's the African bush.

There is a reason why people came up with the word buffalo soldier.
If you ever watched predators in action like lions probably going after these
guys then am sure you know what am talking about.
They have probably killed more lions than any other creature in the wild
and on top of the list of most feared creatures by natives.

Their only downside is they have poor eyesight and unless there
is movement they depend on scent to pinpoint a threat.
From top to toe they are just pure muscle and even an adult cow can
easily flip a car.
Have always wondered why the cape buffalo probably runs slower when
being chased by a predator than when they are running after a threat.
They prefer to face a threat head on rather than run for their lives just like
a soldier.