Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spot the Cat!

Try focusing on that picture and see if you can spot that cat and I bet you it won't be easy.
If you look just in the center of the photo,just a little bit left from the center you will notice a dark spot and that's where the cat is,but the cat's head is actually on the dark spot.
That cat was really hard to see even when I was standing right next to it and just to show you how perfectly camouflaged that cat was,look at the pictures below!
Very unique cat.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Topi kill.

Topi is one of the smartest antelopes in the African Savannah that most predators find it challenging to catch. They have extremely good eyesight and spend most of the days grazing facing each direction and also climbing on top of ant hills to have a better vantage point of their surroundings.

They also are very fast with great stamina that most predators can't stand and so most predators like lions are most likely to hunt topis at night to take advantage of their poor eyesight in the dark and that's where lions get successful hunting topi but this week in Maasai Mara near Olkiombo something extraordinary happened.

There was a topi grazing near a little bush and no one really paid attention because there was nothing unusual about it, there are millions of grazers in the Mara after all but within a flash of a second a lioness popped out of nowhere and jumped on the topi's back and went straight for the head bringing the huge antelope down and just before anyone could take in what's happening another female lion flew from across the road and within seconds was there helping the other female lioness and just within minutes it was all over and it just happened so fast that the best footage we could get is this!

Topi killed by Lion
Topi killed by Lion

Topi killed by Lion

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wild Turkeys on the Railroad.

This morning was pretty interesting, just happened to be driving around 7am, the weather was absolutely fantastic, a little bit of sunshine and clear skies and came across this wild turkeys chilling on the railroad.

I stopped for a few minutes to take pictures and decided to share them, I have personally never seen them that close and relaxed they're always sort of on the move but here I was for at least 10 minutes taking pictures and after I left they were still there and not seem to be moving elsewhere anytime soon.

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mapogos Brutal Coalition vs Notch and Five Sons!

This is probably one of the most remarkable male lion coalitions I have ever seen and maybe the last considering the population of lions in Africa is dwindling faster than ever.

Am a huge fan and have tried to follow some of their stories the best I can so let's start with the Mapogos of sabi sands,this was a coalition of powerful six male lions that basically brought terror to lions of sabi sands and surroundings and with their ability no lions stood in their way it was constant killing and they cared less about anything but themselves and how much more area they acquired as part of their territory.

There was greed and too much power that led to lose in their own pride,they had absolutely no competition from other incoming male lions that eventually they started fighting each other and as a result two of the males moved on to form a new coalition and pride.

That's where mistakes started happening and eventually other male lions started getting an upper hand and one of the two mapogos was killed and the remaining one ran for his life back to the four mapogos,now only five they ruled for a little while before they were taken down by the coalition of male lions that killed one of them prior,in one of the most brutal lion versions you could ever imagine and the irony was their extreme power and brutality ended in that exact version.

On the hand you have Notch and his five sons in Maasai mara.
Their story is just as amazing but in a twist of ways Notch ruled in such a different criteria unique only to him that no other lions have ever been documented ruling this way and happened to be the longest and most successful rule a male lion coalition has ever done.

Notch whom some documentaries have named him kali(swahili for brave),originally as a young adult male formed a duo with another male,now obviously you can't compare that with six mapogos so Notch began his life small and somehow as time went by they managed to take over a pride and he went on to raising five young sons,Notch 2,Grimace,Long,Ceasar and Ron.

As you can imagine Notch and his partner were only two so it was only a matter of time before another coalition took over and that's exactly what happened and his partner was killed and the most bizarre thing happened that's never been documented in lion society,Notch ran for his life and took his five sons with him.

He ended up raising his five sons to be one of the strongest male lion coalitions ever and they came back to take their pride and took over nearby prides as well forming a very large territory.
No one ever thought lions could use such a criteria and as we all know lions have always been known to kick out their own sons when they start adulthood and they care less what happens to them after that.

Notch left such a legacy that's just unique to him,he eventually grew old and died and Grimace and Long passed on as well and Ron,Caesar and Notch 2 remain a very powerful coalition to date as a matter of fact in late February of 2016 they were documented on a hippo kill,that's major it shows they're stronger than ever and their rule has remained for over a decade,in a tumultuous lion society in the African wild that's unheard of!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Top Notch Chef Quality Steak.

Sometimes you could just be chilling and thinking to yourself if I want to have a great steak dinner then it's probably going to be a drive to the last restaurant you had the best finger-licking steak ever and of course spend probably at least $30bucks,but you probably dont always have to go there to get a top notch steak.

The question becomes how do you get the best grilled steak without spending a lot of money or leaving the comfort of your home and this is my personal experience that I think could be useful to someone out there,always try buying steaks while on sale at your local grocery store and do your research to find out if they get their meat locally that means more fresh and possibly less additives as you know if they get them across the country the longer it takes to get on the shelves and the likely it is for more additives to extend the shelve life.

Every once a while your local store could have a meat sale,pay attention to that because it might be 50% off the regular price and get a few steaks and keep them in the freezer,you"ll probably save yourself at least $50bucks each time.

Depending on how you like your steak whether you like it rare,medium or well cooked the key is the spices you use and of all the spices I have ever used in at least 10 years this is the spice that will change your life when it comes to eating grilled steak and I absolutely don't think there's any other comparable spice that's on the market. I personally buy a lot at once and it lasts a very long time.