Friday, March 4, 2016

Top Notch Chef Quality Steak.

Sometimes you could just be chilling and thinking to yourself if I want to have a great steak dinner then it's probably going to be a drive to the last restaurant you had the best finger-licking steak ever and of course spend probably at least $30bucks,but you probably dont always have to go there to get a top notch steak.

The question becomes how do you get the best grilled steak without spending a lot of money or leaving the comfort of your home and this is my personal experience that I think could be useful to someone out there,always try buying steaks while on sale at your local grocery store and do your research to find out if they get their meat locally that means more fresh and possibly less additives as you know if they get them across the country the longer it takes to get on the shelves and the likely it is for more additives to extend the shelve life.

Every once a while your local store could have a meat sale,pay attention to that because it might be 50% off the regular price and get a few steaks and keep them in the freezer,you"ll probably save yourself at least $50bucks each time.

Depending on how you like your steak whether you like it rare,medium or well cooked the key is the spices you use and of all the spices I have ever used in at least 10 years this is the spice that will change your life when it comes to eating grilled steak and I absolutely don't think there's any other comparable spice that's on the market. I personally buy a lot at once and it lasts a very long time.