Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hyenas Are Crucial to Disease Control

It's easy to assume as a visitor why is the hyena even important at all in the African bush and it probably is the most important carnivore roaming the African bush.

Mostly nocturnal which means they're more active at night and can smell dead carcasses as far as 25 miles away and with their bone-crushing teeth they would eat everything including bones and leave the surface as if nothing was ever there.

Lions, leopards, cheetahs and other carnivores in Africa rarely wipe clean a kill or eat one that's been sitting in the sun for days or another carnivore except for the leopard which sometimes does eat other carnivores like the jackal or cheetah, but still are picky eaters compared to the hyena.

The vultures are extremely important too when it comes to scavenging and helping prevent the spread of disease but what makes the hyena exceptionally unique is their super strong jaws that have the ability to open up dead animals with the thickest skins and crush bones, therefore, wiping clean everything.
No other carnivore in the African bush has the ability to do what a hyena does well,which is do a thorough job of cleaning the environment.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Without the lioness in the wild the male lion is pretty much a puppet and not only do they bring the bacon home 95% of the time,the strength of a pride begins from female lions on how organized they are on so many levels.If you happened to be on a safari in the African savannah and came across different prides of lions and for some reason you're curious which pride might be stronger just take a good look at the female lions.

More than likely a very strong pride carries a significant number of lionesses with a very strong bond for each other as well as highly skilled and successful when it comes to hunting and just like in humanity where in most cases strong leadership comes from the bottom-up,the strongest of male lions are supported by a powerful female pride.For centuries in a lot of different cultures around the globe the male lion has been used as a symbol of power and personally if there was a way I would vote for the female lion. 


Monday, February 16, 2015


The best way to truly have a life-changing East African safari that you will live to remember forever and there's a lot of wildlife conservation areas that probably would take quite a bit of reading but these places are the ultimate top three:-Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania.
-Serengeti, Tanzania.
-Masai mara, Kenya.

The largest migration of herbivores on earth have their migratory routes crossing these areas and the magnitude of African wildlife you could enjoy watching here are just out of this planet.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Be Careful where You Have Your Car Oil Changed!

First of all before i write a whole story if you live in the Spokane area the Northwest Auto and tire on division road is really a place i have personally come to really trust over the years every time my car needs an oil change and before you walk in make sure you call to make an appointment at least 4 days early because they're always packed and that in itself says something.

Not to mention it's probably the cheapest place and one of the fewest auto repair shops that won't end up selling you a bunch of crap while all you needed was an oil change.

They would do exactly what you ask for and that's what really gave me the confidence to take my car there doesn't matter how long i have to wait.

On a personal note i have learned big lessons over the years taking my car to unfamiliar auto repair shops and i remember a few years back when i took my car to a place in Pullman and am not gonna call names but anyway i dropped my car off for an oil change and as i picked it up to drive back home i barely made it and parked on the side of the street and got out to look and immediately noticed antifreeze oozing out and radiator cracked.

I couldn't believe what i was seeing and immediately called them and they completely denied it and they even had the guts to tell me to bring it back and that it would cost me approximately $600 dollars to get it fixed.

I was speechless and appalled,i mean how could something like that happen suddenly and did they really think i would take my car back there!

To cut the long story short am very careful now where i take my car for service or repairs and the place i mentioned prior is one of the best.
I posted a link to their webpage as well.

Monday, February 9, 2015


First of all, I personally don't care for anyone that hunts for food I think people have hunted and gathered food for millennia but here's the problem with that it's not a long-term strategy and we could actually learn some important lessons from our ancestors.

After centuries of hunting sheep, goats, chickens, and most domestic animals kept for food today they realized that sustainability would only arise if they are domesticated and bred for food and the same is true today.

Am not an expert but the way I look at it is the best and healthiest of any particular wild game hunted are probably taken out fast and doesn't take rocket science to tell that that particular genetic line would slowly be lost leaving behind the less impressive or productive if you like to put it that way.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Is A Gluten Free Diet More of a Nightmare.

Celiac disease is definitely becoming more common than ever but can't imagine trying to avoid wheat when it seems like everything you've ever loved about food is made from wheat and most of our everyday lives revolve around wheat.

Getting up in the morning you probably start your day with toasted bread than a little later a cookie or some wheat pastry for a snack then a hamburger for lunch and another wheat snack mid-afternoon and dinner probably ends up being some meal with noodles and rolls and then cake for dessert!

Obviously there are all these gluten-free products now but am sorry some of them taste like crap,i tried gluten-free noodles and honestly, they suck!

How do you get away from gluten products and actually be happy about it!