Thursday, September 5, 2013

Keekorok Lodge, Masai Mara

Keekorok Lodge

Keekorok is derived from a Maasai word meaning,'dark trees.'
Personally, obviously there are lots of lodges and camps in Masai Mara, that are great, but this happens
to be one of the oldest in the area, definitely with a long track record, providing services to its
customers and I can say this lodge definitely worn my heart, I love it.

Keekorok Lodge is definitely where I would recommend to anyone, and definitely where i
can visit over and over again without question.

Just to give you a little tour of what and why it wore my heart, starting from the main entrance, which
is spectacular to a very neatly arranged dining area, with a buffet style serving area, the food is really really good!

Outside of the dining area is a nice relaxing area and a little walk to the swimming pool, and there's a trail which is my most favorite of the entire lodge.
The wooden trail is raised above the forest floor,so you can pretty much see wild animals roaming in the distance or just close by and the trail keeps going all the way to a nice shed right by the hippo pool, where you can pretty much spend time, watching hippos and listening to the many birds singing
in the bushes.

The shed also has a small bar area where you can order drinks as you watch the amazing wilderness, I definitely would go to this place any day of the week if I could.