Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mapogos Brutal Coalition vs Notch and Five Sons!

This is probably one of the most remarkable male lion coalitions I have ever seen and maybe the last considering the population of lions in Africa is dwindling faster than ever.

Am a huge fan and have tried to follow some of their stories the best I can so let's start with the Mapogos of sabi sands,this was a coalition of powerful six male lions that basically brought terror to lions of sabi sands and surroundings and with their ability no lions stood in their way it was constant killing and they cared less about anything but themselves and how much more area they acquired as part of their territory.

There was greed and too much power that led to lose in their own pride,they had absolutely no competition from other incoming male lions that eventually they started fighting each other and as a result two of the males moved on to form a new coalition and pride.

That's where mistakes started happening and eventually other male lions started getting an upper hand and one of the two mapogos was killed and the remaining one ran for his life back to the four mapogos,now only five they ruled for a little while before they were taken down by the coalition of male lions that killed one of them prior,in one of the most brutal lion versions you could ever imagine and the irony was their extreme power and brutality ended in that exact version.

On the hand you have Notch and his five sons in Maasai mara.
Their story is just as amazing but in a twist of ways Notch ruled in such a different criteria unique only to him that no other lions have ever been documented ruling this way and happened to be the longest and most successful rule a male lion coalition has ever done.

Notch whom some documentaries have named him kali(swahili for brave),originally as a young adult male formed a duo with another male,now obviously you can't compare that with six mapogos so Notch began his life small and somehow as time went by they managed to take over a pride and he went on to raising five young sons,Notch 2,Grimace,Long,Ceasar and Ron.

As you can imagine Notch and his partner were only two so it was only a matter of time before another coalition took over and that's exactly what happened and his partner was killed and the most bizarre thing happened that's never been documented in lion society,Notch ran for his life and took his five sons with him.

He ended up raising his five sons to be one of the strongest male lion coalitions ever and they came back to take their pride and took over nearby prides as well forming a very large territory.
No one ever thought lions could use such a criteria and as we all know lions have always been known to kick out their own sons when they start adulthood and they care less what happens to them after that.

Notch left such a legacy that's just unique to him,he eventually grew old and died and Grimace and Long passed on as well and Ron,Caesar and Notch 2 remain a very powerful coalition to date as a matter of fact in late February of 2016 they were documented on a hippo kill,that's major it shows they're stronger than ever and their rule has remained for over a decade,in a tumultuous lion society in the African wild that's unheard of!