Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mara Governors Camp

Mara Governors Camp

The greatest thing about this camp is definitely its location.
Right on the bank of Mara river,where pretty much you have
the chance to see nile crocodiles and hippos as you hang
around the camp.

The other great thing about its location,is its close proximity
to probably the largest prides of lions in the mara,around the
Musiara area.

Even though at times this lion prides get scattered due to the constant
competition from rival males,it still remains as one of the places
in the entire mara that you are guaranteed to spot lions
no matter the season.

This camp is definitely at a hotspot for wildlife activity.

The camp has an air-strip as well,so if you don't feel like
taking a long road trip from Nairobi,you can always fly
from Wilson airport.

They have flights to and from Mombasa as well for anyone
planning to vacation at the Mombasa beaches too.