Sunday, January 4, 2015

Easy French Toast Recipe

Learn the Easiest French Toast Recipe 

-White bread or texas toast.
-Vanilla extract.
-Cinnamon and Nutmeg(if required)
-Syrup and powdered sugar(if needed)

-Break an egg for each couple of slices of bread.
-In a bowl for each egg add about 3 table spoons of milk and stir the mixture well.
-Depending on how much you would like to make I will say about a drop of vanilla extract for at least 4 eggs.
-Stir the mixture and add half a tsp of both cinnamon and nutmeg if needed.
-Take a slice of bread and dip it in the mixture and make sure both sides are covered then transfer it to an oiled hot flat grill or pan.
-Make sure to avoid turning each side too soon while still sticky coz that can ruin the toast, wait till its brown and then do the same for the other side and there you have it!
-Serve it as is or you can sprinkle powdered sugar and add syrup if you like.

Note:Would rather use oil than melted butter because butter has water content in it and so i try to avoid a situation where the french toast first absorbs the water in the butter and can easily stick in the process as you might have to constantly add more butter and secondly i always use less milk to make it less soggy while you dip the bread in it as well as making the toast crisp faster.