Sunday, October 4, 2015


Shaka the king of the Zulu,was an absolute formidable military leader during colonial Africa.
His ability to unite and form one of the largest military ever formed by any African leader during or before colonial Africa,was the reason Shaka became a headache to the British.

For the first time in history,an African leader that actually defeated the well armed British soldiers in a battlefield.
Even though the British strategy worked for them in long-run,there's no denial that had more African leaders done what Shaka was able to do,the British would have never had a chance.
Who knows,maybe even slavery would have never happened.

During colonial Africa,there's one critical strategy that really worked to the advantage of the British,and that was dividing African tribes even more and finding ways to make them fight against each other,weakening them further and obviously that led to the British having an upper hand in most parts of Africa.
That's the history that unfortunately made it easy for the British and other nations to colonize Africa.

Don't get me wrong,there's a positive that colonisation brought Africa like,education,modern medicine and so forth.
On the downside,the mostly weak Africa,was deemed too easy by just about any modern nation and became sort of like the weakest kid in school that everyone always bullied!

The interesting thing,is even today in an Africa that is more educated and modernization increasing rapidly,the same strategy that worked for the British during colonisation might work today,God-forbid there was another colonisation,not sure from where but just a thought.
All they will have to do is get all the rebels and governments to fight each other and come in later when they're tremendously weakened,sad but true.

So what Shaka Zulu managed to achieve over a century ago still isn't easy to be achieved in Africa today.
Unity in most parts of Africa is extremely hard,there's tribal divisions in thousands,religion,politics and many others that seem to divide Africans even more.

Africa is probably one of the most beautiful and resourceful continents left today but yet one of the most difficult in using the resources to build wealth,mostly due to the reasons I mentioned earlier.

After all these problems,it turns out that not that many advanced nations take Africa seriously as a place to sell products or invest in.
The chinese have seen some potential due to the amount of resources but still not as much as most modern countries probably should.

I don't like talking politics because it's almost like going in circles,boring and nothing new and nowadays you don't have to be smart to be a politician,there's nothing worse than listening to a politician's opinion that isn't that smart.
The reason I don't watch news,almost nothing is factual anymore or its opinionated journalism.
What happened to the days when a reporter just reported the facts and let the audience decide.
I just want to hear the facts and see what's happening,I don't want to know your opinion.
Anyway enough said,I didn't mean to go almost off topic but it's crazy and glad there's a lot of other things to watch like comedy,its interesting because I personally think comedians are smarter than journalists and politicians today.Comedians actually tell it like it is and they live in reality!

Enough said though about the new world we live in,I do love history though and that's why I sometimes indulge myself in it,like in this case Shaka.
I try to think what the world was like at those times,how difficult was life for people struggling to survive against all odds,it's fascinating.