Sunday, April 23, 2017

Did You Watch Nat Geo's Years of Living Dangerously!

If you haven't watched this you probably should and my biggest question right now is how on earth do we have politicians today that think climate change is a hoax,I mean you're either crazy or a complete idiot and I wonder if any of them would like their kids taught at school that there is absolutely no climate change and planet earth is running smoothly as ever.
Even in general circumstance without reading or watching scientific facts and you've lived your life and remember things that happened when you were a child versus now, assuming most politicians today have had a considerable time it's obvious that droughts have gotten worse,beaches are slowly swallowed by high waters and so forth and if you haven't noticed any change for a considerable time I wanna know where you live sounds like a perfect place to live in.

I personally wish there is more being done now to help our planet and more could be done am sure,it probably doesn't cost that much to plant more trees and so forth but of course politicians are busy spending tonnes of money on wars around the world as if that's a bigger threat than climate change repercussions, help me understand this because I don't and maybe instead of building a wall across the border how about plant millions of trees in Texas, Arizona, Nevada and California will probably cost a smidget of what the wall would.

I don't know what the best answer is but assuming a wall was built just an example and 60 billion dollars spent and 50yrs down the road millions of people from California, Texas, Arizona move up North due to lack of water and extreme droughts, which would have been a better investment?

Is it me or is it incredibly frustrating to see people in power denying climate change I would like to believe they're getting paid by corporate interests to do so,at least that would explain in trying to make sense of the situation but sooner or later it will catch up as what science has been trying to prove is starting to happen.As usual though it's human nature if it's not happening to you personally then it probably isn't happening but eventually as it's starting to happen it will start happening to the majority and at that moment maybe people will realize that all threats politicians in power make us believe around the world were not merely urgent as it was to fighting climate change.
Think about it for a minute if 50%[3 trillion dollars] of the money that was spent fighting in the middle East was spent towards curbing climate change,would we and the future of our kids be in a better place?