Friday, October 12, 2018

ATRAVS-The story of "ATRAVS"....How It All Began!

Short for A TRAVELER or a traveler vs the universe that we belong in!
No matter who you are ...,you're a traveler and I don't know about you but am fascinated by it myself and I continuously have thought about it most of my life!

There is a few things we all know go hand in hand with travel.,and in most cases we take travel as distance covered and in that case we have...,Distance = Speed x Time.
For us.., AGE=TIME.

In short you can't separate A traveler from..,Distance,Speed,Time/age.
Forget the complexity of it all and just think of everyday you wake up and as you get yourself ready and head to work or school or wherever you might be up to....essentially you'll be covering everything above..,Distance,Speed and Time(Continuously aging too..Don't forget that!)..,and even in sleep you're covering a part of the equation.

So I personally got so much interest in it because I know I live it everyday and therefore I consider myself A traveler in this version,forget the times I travel to other parts of the world or vacationing somewhere....that's just accelerating it a little bit in my opinion by covering more distance.

There is more complex ways and you have probably heard of time traveling...,it's absolutely fascinating in my opinion and I don't really know if that's real or not so am not going to pretend I know anything about it.., but one thing is for sure we are all travelers.

Everyone has a story and often at times I think about mine,..from when I was a kid, how things have changed throughout time as we age and to me, that is my travel story!

You are essentially traveling as an individual on this universe with unique circumstances to each an every one of us and then who knows.., does travel ever stop?... I don't know the answer to that.

In 2015.., like a first grader, I drew what I have always been thinking and trying to wrap a normal brain around it...A logo that could simplify or visualize here it goes!..

ATRAVS Logo at starting timeATRAVS Logo at starting time

I thought about an antelope(esp the Eland).., and why did I choose that..., for me, there is something amazing and almost alien-like the concept to the strength, agility, and massiveness of this creature that apparently only feeds on grass!.
Not unique to only this antelope but I have always asked myself how on earth is it that the largest land animals feed only on almost does not make sense!
I thought of Red eyes as that would fit in with the alien concept..., could you Imagine how cool it could be to see an alien antelope with red eyes crossing the skies against a reddish sunset.

ATRAVS Logo concept

That's not red but you get the concept.
That's how the ATRAVS logo was born.!