Saturday, April 11, 2015


Saltwater water crocodile is widely known as the largest crocodile followed by the Nile crocodile as the second largest,but what's interesting is the aggressive nature of these different species makes them one of the most lethal killing machines in the world.

Their ability to pretty much classify anything and everything that walks or swims as food has made them one of the most deadliest creatures ever,no wonder they've managed to live as long as they have from the age of dinosaurs.

Lolong the largest saltwater water crocodile ever caught,20ft 3inches long and weighing 2,370lbs and unfortunately later died in captivity and the largest  male Nile crocodile ever measured was in Mwanza,Tanzania at a mind blowing 21ft long and weighing 2,400lbs.

Despite the fact that generally saltwater crocodiles are known as the largest,some Nile crocodiles have been mentioned in some parts of Africa as larger than real,for instance Gustave the man-eater crocodile in the northern shores of lake Tanganyika in Burundi is claimed to have killed 300 people and claimed by locals to possibly reaching 25ft and today its whereabouts are unknown.If Gustave left Rusizi river into lake Tanganyika there's no doubt that he's probably still alive in the second deepest lake in the world and second largest freshwater lake in the world and last but not least the longest freshwater lake in the world,ambushing prey and the hunted might never see it coming.

In some parts of Africa for instance in the Mara river,bordering Tanzania and Kenya,some very large Nile crocodiles probably upto 19ft long inhabit this waters,no one has ever captured one to measure them but if you have seen them feeding on wildebeest,zebra or antelope.It's hard to deny their size when you see a gazelle getting swallowed whole!

Potentially in some very remote parts of Australia,Philippines or Africa there could be a giant crocodile that's living beneath the waters.

Warning:Video below may not be appropriate for some viewers.