Saturday, April 30, 2016

Notch Boys Turned Expert Hippo Hunters!

hippo killed by lion

hippo killed by lion

These photos were taken just a few days ago of the remaining Notch boys on yet another hippo kill and this is the second documented hippo kill in the last four months and later after getting their fair share from the humongous kill as you can imagine it ended up feeding a lot more Savannah dwellers.


For many years the Notch boys have lived in the area amongst hippos and in the process evolved to take down one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

What's so amazing about lions is they possess such a different level opportunistically that the slightest error or disadvantage by prey automatically becomes the lion's biggest advantage and they will instantly act on it.
When you hear that comment people say all the time when you see an opportunity grab it because it might never come again and lions have evolved to be experts at spotting an opportunity and grabbing it right away. For people it's obviously different in the sense that opportunities for survival are different but the idea isn't so different and this is just a personal take, any successful society if anyone told me they weren't opportunistic and better at it than the rest I would disagree and history has shown that but the story is just about how life has such general principles that we overlook all the time.

Back to lions though because this is the part I would rather be talking about and one more photo of notch boys chilling and the power that comes through their eyes.


Am fascinated by lions and some of the reasons is just their ability to adapt so quickly in taking advantage of what they have, they're really good at studying their prey and I always say when you see a lion sleeping like we mostly assume be cautious because they might not.
They're totally aware of their surroundings and that's the time they take to study their prey's daily movements!

I had written a story before about the Notches and how strong they have been for longer than most coalitions and for the three out of five left and still going strong is amazing and I would challenge anyone to give me a lion coalition that lasted that long in the African Savannah.

Hippo is the last animal you would want to mess with in Africa, they're extremely dangerous and one single bite from a hippo is enough to kill a fully grown lion and I can only imagine how hard it would be hunting one. The hippo's neck is so big that a lion has no choice but avoid that area all together and focus on their behind and possibly the spine,when you see lions jumping on the back of an animal that they can't take down they bite the backbone and constantly do it to try and damage the spine and not easy but if it works it would bring down the prey and that's the one thing I could see happening here but would definitely want to know more about how they've been doing it for years.

Big pride have been known to occasionally take down hippos but for this male lions to consistently do it at least every few months is very intriguing.