Tuesday, December 30, 2014

African Lions Vs Asiatic Lions.

Did you know!

-That the East African lion is also called the masai lion.
-That the South African lion is also called the Transvaal lion or cape lion.
-That the West African lion is also called the Senegal lion.
-That the African lion is the second largest cat from the tiger.
-That a 550 pounds male African lion appears larger than a 600 pounds Siberian tiger due to its larger head with a mane.
-That a liger which is the largest existing cat is a cross-breed between a male lion and a female tiger.
-That lions in the wild have been recorded to take down the largest prey including elephant and  giraffes.
-That lions are the only social cats.
-That the lion is the loudest cat and its roar can be heard five miles away.
What more do u know about lions?