Sunday, December 28, 2014


The best beef steak is a combination of a lot of things:

1-Breed of steer.
2-Type of feed and grass fed is always better.
3-Age of steer,preferably not over 2 years old.
4-part of animal the steak gets extracted from and everyone knows it gotta be the ribeye steak,if you want the most tender piece of meat to grill.
5-Last but not least is the way it gets prepared before it lands on the dining table for your tastebuds to enjoy.

Before you buy the steak always check local ads and try buying it while on sale.
Get the following ingredients with the steak if you don't have them already at home:
-yellow and red bell pepper.
-garlic pepper and salt.

After all that take the steak and coat it really good with the above spices and you can always put other spices depending on preferance then let the steak absorb the spices as you dice up a little bit of each bell pepper as too much wouldn't be fun then put some butter on a hot pan followed by the diced bell peppers and let them sautee till they start changing color and filling the air with irresistible aroma.

Take the sauteed bell peppers and transfer them to a different container and throw the steak on the same hot pan and let both sides grill and kinda feel with a finger for firmness to avoid overcooking and depending on whether you like it medium rare or rare just use your best judgment and if you like well done my personal suggestion is get a thinly sliced steak that will cook through within a very short period of time and it's easier to avoid having a very tough piece of meat.

A couple of minutes before taking steak out throw the diced bell peppers back in and depending on whether you like them on top of steak or the starch you will have your steak with is upto you.
After you take your steak out you can serve it with white rice or potatoes and any choice of side veggies,mine is a green salad.